Why Us

Why choose us?

We use real wood.


We buy all of our lumber in rough. We then hand select and machine each individual piece for appearance and stability. This is really important because it enables us to relieve the natural tension in the wood which results in very stable craftsmanship.


Our cabinetry boxes are crafted with cabinet grade plywood which means our cabinets are very durable and a great value.


We use solid maple for our painted cabinetry face frames. Maple is very dense and will hold up much better than a softer wood such as poplar.


We make all our doors and face frames which will last a lifetime.


All of our drawers and pullouts are made from solid hardwood and are dovetailed. 


 Our cabinets are built to last.  By using the best materials and tried and true craftsmanship we are a great investment in your home.


We use real joinery. 


We use blind dado construction to join the plywood of our cabinetry, this makes an incredibly strong cabinet. We us dovetails for all of our draws.


We use slot mortise and floating tenon joinery for solid wood and glass doors. Many of our competitors do not build cabinets with these tried and true methods.


We use the latest technology.


We use our own CNC router to cut our plywood cabinet parts. This method is extremely accurate and saves material.


We use the best hardware.


We use the highest quality drawer slides and hinges.


We use the best paints.


We have our own spray facility and the best spray equipment which enables us to give a great finish.  We use the highest quality 2 component post catalyzed paint on the market.  This is the finest finish available for wood cabinetry, it is a much higher quality finish than an acrylic house paint and will hold up very well over the years.


We answer the phone and care.

We are easy to reach by phone or email.   We love to talk cabinetry and are ready to help make your experience with us a great one.